Monday, September 9, 2013

We Have Moved!

I apologize once again for being silent for this long. Please be informed that we have officially moved to Please visit the website for any more series or stories from me. As for those who left comments asking about my whereabouts, I appreciate your concern. I invite you to join me on my website as we begin the second phase of this journey. The old series can be found in the 'Literature Series' category on the top menu of the website, while short excerpts of my novels can be found in the 'Books & Excerpts' category. The new series will begin any day from now. Please bookmark the page, and subscribe via on the website to get updates on latest episodes as soon as they are put up. I look forward to seeing you at our new hang out.




  1. FINALLY....btw ur story on omojuwa blog is lovely

  2. yayyyyyyy!!,darling welcome.lola

  3. Babes... it's good of you to finally communicate... How u dey?

    1. I dey o Kenosky. Great to hear from you too. Hope to see you on the main website. We have started a new series there. :)

  4. Its not fair ooo. For almost 3months I searched for you. I finally stopped thinking you had stopped writing. If not for a fan of yours that praised you on nairaland,I won't have known that you were back. You did not think that some of your fans were gonna be woRried abt your absence. You just disappeared. Its not fair ooo. For wat its worth,I missed you. Though I didnt comment much on your blog but I was one of your avid fans.

  5. I am so sorry dear. Forgive me. I needed to recharge my batteries. I look forward to seeing you on the website.